Todd’s 5-star Woodinville Wine Tasting Experience



  • Picking up your group, up to 14-adventurers, at a location(s). Take to Woodinville Wineries and or other towns for wine tastings
  • Todd will have ice, glassware and napkins for you and always gets the clients some sort of snacks or food from the World Market in the area at no extra charge
  • You can choose the wine tasting rooms or leave it up to him
  • Transportation and storage of all wine
  • Todd will be your photographer at no extra charge

Gather up to 13 friends and split the cost, this is a great way to have an amazing, fun and affordable experience.

Saturdays 4-hour minimum.$149 per hour plus gratuity

Fridays and Sundays 4-hour minimum.$125 per hour plus gratuity

Call or text me at 425-444-2788, or email and let me know your needs.

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